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25 - Popular Do-It-Yourself Portfolios with Jeff Porter CFP, CFA

October 6, 2020

Jeff Porter CFP, CFA returns to the show this week and gives his opinion on 3 of the most popular Do-It-Yourself portfolios out there. We get Jeff talking about the Dave Ramsay portfolio, a 100% VTSAX or similar "Total Market" fund, and the Bogelhead's three fund portfolio. We talk about weighting the assets in your portfolio as well as the part international stocks plays in a balanced portfolio!

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DISCLAIMER: While Jeff Porter is a highly qualified individual with investments and money management, he is not YOUR money manager. All advice and ideas he gives should be considered general and not specific to your situation.

Links to Portfolios Mentioned:

Dave Ramsay:

NOTE: In the episode, I said that the 3rd fund was REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts). In actuality the 3 funds are: a Total US Stock Market fund, a Total US Bond Market fund, and a Total International Stock fund.

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