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31 - Dollar Cost Averaging and How to Build your Nest Egg with The Millennial Money Woman

November 17, 2020

Today I bring you an interview with none other than The Millennial Money Woman. Fiona is a professional in the personal finance field who also blogs and writes articles on her website The Millennial Money Woman. I speak with her and we have an excellent conversation about the state of financial education, what Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is, and about the basic steps required for you to be able to retire early.

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MarketWatch Virtual Stock Exchange:

Investopedia Stock Simulator:

Wealthbase (Has a phone app):

Brokers that offer Paper Trading with an account:

TD Ameritrade, ETrade, Webull, and TradeStation

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Book Mentioned: The Behavior Gap by Carl Richards (


Twitter: @The_MMW (


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