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69 - The Possibilities of Nuclear Energy with CEO Daniel Major

August 13, 2021

This week I have a fascinating discussion with Daniel Major, CEO of GoviEx Uranium. GoviEx is a uranium mining company that primarily works in Africa and has several producing mines. We talk about mining, renewable energy, and thoughts for how nuclear power can change the world. Be sure to check out the links below for further reading on the topics covered during the episode!


NOTE: The investing options shown below are what were talked about by Mr. Major. Neither Mr. Major nor myself is insisting you purchase these securities without doing your own research. Please think independently about your investments and do not just buy assets someone told you about without doing your own research!


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GoviEx Uranium:

Company Website

CNBC Stock Quote (OTC: GVXXF)

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSXV: GXU)


Twitter Accounts:

John Quakes - @Quakes99

GoviEx Uranium - @GoviExUranium


Ways to Invest in Uranium:

Physical Uranium (OTC: SRUUF) Sprott Physical Uranium Trust

ETF for Uranium (NYSE: URA) Global X Uranium

ETF for North Shore Uranium Mining (NYSE: URNM)


Research Articles:

US Department of Energy Article on Nuclear Energy

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

What is “Yellow Cake”?

Can you recycle solar panels?

EU Joint Technical Committee Report on Nuclear Energy

Small, Modular Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear Powered commercial ships

Another article on nuclear powered commercial ships

Most abundant elements in the Earths crust

Recycling Uranium

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